Mary and Martha

In the Gospels, the sisters Mary and Martha are mentioned only in Luke and John, but they figure prominently in many early and medieval Christian traditions.

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Kingdom of Israel

“Kingdom of Israel” refers both to the united kingdom under Saul, David, and Solomon and to the northern kingdom of Israel, which separated from the united kingdom after the death of Solomon.

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Woman Caught in Adultery

The well-known story of the woman taken in adultery is not reliably present in the earliest manuscripts of the Gospel of John.

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Good Samaritan (1907) is a painting by Paula Modersohn-Becker, at Ludwig Roselius Collection.

Love Your Neighbor

In Leviticus, "love your neighbor" meant that you should treat your fellow Israelite properly; but it is part of a larger legal collection that also commands love of the stranger.

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If the Gospel of Matthew was written after 70 C.E., why does he minimize the destruction of Jerusalem?

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