Despite the bond of brotherhood, Cain kills Abel. Often described as the first murder, the early placement of this story in Genesis highlights the horrific and disruptive nature of homicide.

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Located in the fertile Jezreel Valley, Jezreel was the setting for the dramatic stories of Naboth’s vineyard and Jezebel’s death in 1 and 2 Kings.

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Naboth's Vineyard

"Poor" Naboth of the biblical tale may not have been so poor, but rather a wealthy vintner who was able to reject King Ahab's offer.

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Nicholas Pope, The Apostles Speaking in Tongues Lit by Their Own Lamps, 1993-96.  Terracotta, metal, oil, wick, flame.


Acts 2:1-4 recounts the earliest Christians’ experience of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, dramatically described as wind and fire and the ability to speak in other languages.

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