The practice of training a child to eat food other than his or her mother’s milk. In biblical times it was an occasion to celebrate when a child was weaned (Gen 21:8). It marked Samuel’s departure for special training (1Sam 1:21-28). A weaned child symbolized the peaceable kingdom of the Messiah (Isa 11:8) or the helpless result of a delinquent leadership (Isa 28:9).

Gen 21:8

Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away
8The child grew, and was weaned; and Abraham made a great feast on the day that Isaac was weaned.

1Sam 1:21-28

21The man Elkanah and all his household went up to offer to the Lord the yearly sacrifice, and to pay his vow.22But Hannah did not go up, for she said to her hu ... View more

Isa 11:8

8The nursing child shall play over the hole of the asp,
and the weaned child shall put its hand on the adder's den.

Isa 28:9

9“Whom will he teach knowledge,
and to whom will he explain the message?
Those who are weaned from milk,
those taken from the breast?

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