Peter Betrays Jesus and Repents

Peter Betrays Jesus and Repents, 17th-century. Illuminated manuscript from Ethiopia, written in Ge’ez (Classical Ethiopic).

The adoption of Christianity in Ethiopia dates to the fourth century B.C.E. The kingdom was located along major international trade routes that connected India to the Roman Empire by way of the Red Sea. The southern spread of Islam in the 16th century left a significantly reduced Christian empire by the 17th century, when this manuscript was created, but images from Italian and other European courts were readily available to Ethiopian artists. This illustration of a clearly guilty Peter betraying Jesus includes the reference to Jesus’ prediction that “before the cock crows, you will deny me” (Matt 26:34).
Peter Betrays Jesus and Repents. 17th-century illuminated manuscript from Ethiopia, written in Ge’ez (Classical Ethiopic).

A broad, diverse group of nations ruled by the government of a single nation.

Matt 26:34

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