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1 A son of Joktan, descendant of Shem (Gen 10:27). 2 The son of Tou (Toi), king of Hamath; he was sent with gifts to congratulate David on his victory over Hadadezer (1Chr 18:10). He is also called Joram (2Sam 8:10). 3 An official of King Rehoboam (926–910 BCE) of Judah; he supervised the conscripted labor force and was stoned to death by the people of Israel (the Northern Kingdom) when he attempted to enforce the harsh policies of Rehoboam (2Chr 10:18). He is called Adoram in the Hebrew text of 1Kgs 12:18, but Adoniram in the Greek text (LXX), and he may be identical with persons of both these names (1Kgs 4:6; 1Kgs 5:13-14).