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The name of a region in Palestine, of a tribe, and of an individual, who is the eponymous ancestor of the tribe. In Genesis, Judah is introduced as the fourth son born to Jacob and his first wife, Leah (Gen 29:35; Gen 37:26; Gen 43:3; Gen 43:8; Gen 44:14; Gen 44:16; Gen 44:18; Gen 46:28). The tribe of Judah became the state of Judah in the time of David. In Hebron, the capital of Judah, David was anointed king by “the people of Judah” (2Sam 2:4) to rule over what was apparently a loose confederation of southern tribes. In the NT, Judah is ranked at the head of “the sealed” (Rev 7:5) and Jesus’s descent is from Judah, a nonpriestly tribe in (Heb 7:14).