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Naz´uh-rits; Heb., “dedicated” or “consecrated” [ones]

Men or women who entered a consecrated state upon their own or a parent’s vow (Num 6:1-21; 1Sam 1:1-11; Judg 13:1-7). The three main conditions for entering and remaining in this holy state were refraining from the fruit of the vine and other intoxicants, not allowing a razor to touch one’s hair for one’s term as a Nazirite, and not going near a dead body—not even that of one’s own father or mother (Num 6:1-7). Samuel is not explicitly named a Nazirite, but the wording of the vow made by his mother, Hannah (1Sam 1:11), strongly suggests he should be counted as one. Samson is the most famous, explicitly named Nazirite (Judg 13:7; Judg 16:17). Both Samuel and Samson were consecrated by vows uttered when they were still in their mothers’ wombs.