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The noise of clashing air masses expanding from a lightning flash. In biblical perspectives it was most often associated with heights (2Sam 22:14; Ps 18:13; Job 36:29), storms (Exod 9:23; 1Sam 12:17; Job 38:25), and other violent natural phenomena (Isa 29:6; Rev 11:19). Used metaphorically it describes the sound of the sea (Isa 17:12) or roaring streams (Ps 42:7) and the power and authority of the voice of God (Job 37:2; Job 37:5; Ps 29:3; Exod 19:19; John 12:28-29). Prophets use it to express both the presence (Ezek 1:24) and awesomeness of God (Isa 33:3).