Paul and Jesus

Well, if you ask the question what exactly did Paul know about Jesus?  I think the answer really is quite a lot.  You have to realize his letters are ad hoc documents.  They are written for specific purposes.  They presume a lot of knowledge and the thing I would want emphasized is not the fact that Paul doesn’t quote Jesus on every page, but that he presumes a great deal of knowledge about the story of Jesus, the life-pattern of Jesus, some of the basic teachings of Jesus.  I mean what evidence we do have that’s direct evidence is that he knew about the Sermon on the Mount kind of material.  He certainly knew about the Last Supper material.  He knew about the tradition of how Jesus appeared to a whole bunch of witnesses, including him last of all.  So there seems to be quite a lot that he knows about the historical Jesus even though he didn’t have Gospels presumably to read.