Revelation and Conflict Resolution

I have a problem with the Book of Revelation, which is that it teaches people to interpret conflict as if there is a good side and a bad side; and with the bad side you can’t negotiate, you just have to kill them. 

So, that is a very archaic way of dealing with conflict.  People still do it all over the world; they try to kill the people they don’t like.  It’s an old habit of the human race; and it’s worked, unfortunately, very often. 

I don’t think it should work in the 21st century.  So, this way of dealing with conflict, I would think, is maybe getting obsolete. The other books of revelation which didn’t make it into the Bible are, really, they have a universal vision of the human race.  It’s not about the good people or the bad people. Because in the Book of Revelation, the good people go into Heaven; the bad people go into fire and burn forever.  It’s kind of awful.  So, if that’s not the only way to solve conflict, you need another kind of vision.